Medicaid Managed Care, Family Health Plus, and Child Health Plus

MVP Option Programs – Free or Low Cost Health Insurance Plans

In these tough economic times, when so many people have lost their jobs and families are struggling to make ends meet, Child Health Plus and Medicaid can help you cover the cost of health care for you and your kids. These programs provide low-cost or free health coverage for important health services such as doctor visits, hospitalizations, check-ups, dental care, immunizations, mental health, prescriptions and more. If your situation has recently changed and you need health insurance—even if it’s temporary – call us.

We offer three New York State sponsored health insurance programs: MVP Option (Medicaid Managed Care), MVP Option Family (Family Health Plus) and MVP Option Child (Child Health Plus).

If you need help choosing the plan that is best for you, contact us for assistance. We can help you determine which programs you may qualify for and assist you with the application process.

Medicaid Managed Care

MVP Option


Medicaid Family Health Plus

MVP Option Family

Medicaid Child Health Plus

MVP Option Child

For children and adults who qualify for Medicaid

• For New York State residents

• No monthly premiums

For adults ages 19 - 64 (singles, couples without children, and parents)

• Do not have health insurance (either on their own or through an employer)

• Incomes too high for Medicaid

• For New York State residents and U.S. citizens, or those who fall under certain immigration categories

• No monthly premiums

For children under age 19

• Incomes too high for Medicaid

• For New York State residents

• No copays

• Low cost or no monthly premiums



New York State Counties That Offer MVP Option Plans

MVP Health Care Medicaid Service Area Map

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